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TRAC in Boston

TRAC attended two Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Conferences

TRAC presented new automation platform FMAP (Flexible Modular Automation Platform) on 2019 ISPE Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Conference in June 2019 and on Biotech Week Boston in September 2019. Both events took place in Boston, Massachusetts, the number one biotech hub in the world. TRAC developed FMAP as a result of close collaboration with biopharma industry leaders and understanding their needs.

Attendees of both events were able to obtain more information about FMAP and test the functionality of the platform first hand. Support for modularity, flexibility and ease of use were the most exposed pros of FMAP by the visitors. FMAP addresses all customer needs of CGT and other biopharmaceutical processes: batch data integrity, integration of various manufacturing equipment, full support for manual operations, material and equipment traceability and many more.

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