TRAC is a strategic development partner of the project »Inženirke in inženirji bomo!«

Company TRAC, as a Strategic Development Partner, will continue to support the non-profit project “Inženirke in inženirji bomo!” in 2023. The project promotes engineering, technology, and science professions among high school students from 23 Slovenian high schools, and highlights the increasing importance of innovation.

The project, which is under the honorary patronage of President Dr. Nataša Pirc Musar, aims to encourage talent development and inspire young people to pursue careers in engineering, technology, science, and innovation, as well as other 21st-century skills and competencies. The project’s central activity are the “Ne teslo. Tesla bom!” events, which have already attracted more than 8,000 young people.

“Inženirke in inženirji bomo!” project brings together renowned female and male engineers, top managers, researchers, ambitious students from technical and natural sciences faculties, representatives of start-up companies, and various creative individuals. They are connected with young people and their potential future employees, encouraging them to share their life experiences, present career opportunities, and enhance their engineering knowledge with business skills. Our engineers actively participate in the events as well.

TRAC – partner of the engineering competition MacGyver 14.0.

MacGyver 14.0, the largest Slovenian engineering competition organized by the student association BEST Ljubljana, once again brought together students from engineering disciplines this year. The competition involves students solving tasks set by partner companies. This year, TRAC also decided to participate as a partner and prepared a case study challenge for the competitors.

The Technical Director of TRAC, Tomaž Rešetič, enthusiastically presented the challenge to the participants at the event and was pleasantly surprised to find that the students were true solution seekers, much like the engineers at TRAC. The students did not shy away from challenging tasks, but instead presented excellent solutions with passion and engineering knowledge. The winning team by Dalibor Hranjec and Domen Fink, was awarded with a winning prize. All participants were symbolically rewarded for their high level of motivation and excellent engineering skills.

In addition to the competition, the event provided a pleasant opportunity for networking and connecting, which is crucial for strengthening the ties between the industry and educational institutions. After a successful event, we look to the future with even greater optimism, shaped by young ambitious engineers.

TRAC recipient of Commemorative Plaque

We are proud to announce that the Municipality of Šentjernej has also recognized our success and excellent performance over the years. Therefore, they awarded us the Commemorative Plaque of Šentjernej for the year 2022 in recognition of 30 years of successful work in the field of economy.

The award ceremony took place on August 19, 2022, at the Cultural Center Primož Trubar in Šentjernej, as the central event of the celebration of the municipal holiday Jernejevo 2022.

As stated by the Mayor of the Municipality of Šentjernej, Jože Simončič, during the ceremony, the celebration of the municipal holiday is also a time to rejoice in progress and success. Among other awards presented to associations and companies for successful work in the field of economy, our company TRAC commemorated 30 years of successful operation in the economic sector and proudly received the Commemorative Plaque of the Municipality of Šentjernej. The plaque was accepted by the company’s director, Marija Rešetič, at the award ceremony.

Foto: Tanja Jakše Gazvoda

TRAC and health

At TRAC, we prioritize health as one of our core values, and we actively strive to uphold this value. Recently, under the leadership of our colleague Denis, we organized a workshop to educate ourselves on basic resuscitation procedures, both theoretically and practically.

Having knowledge of basic CPR procedures is critical in saving lives during critical situations. Despite the misconception that such situations do not occur frequently, statistics show that an average of 5 people experience cardiac arrest in Slovenia every day. Therefore, it is essential for all of us to know how to respond appropriately in such situations to ensure the safety of everyone around us.

With a strong sense of responsibility, we first attentively listened to the theoretical part of the workshop, and then proactively engaged in the practical part. We learned the procedure of resuscitation and the correct use of defibrillator.

At TRAC, we have also taken the initiative to equip ourselves with our own defibrillator, recognizing the importance of its accessibility and prompt use in the successful implementation of basic resuscitation procedures.

We are confident that by acquiring a defibrillator and raising awareness about basic resuscitation procedures, we have made a significant contribution to the well-being of our health in the wider community.

TRAC Teambuilding

We started the New Year in the company of the best, this time with Petra Majdič at Pokljuka.

Under the guidance of the Nordic by Petra Majdič team, on January 10, 2023, we had our first team building event of the year for the TRAC team.

As we recognize health as our highest value, we dedicated this day to it. On the sunny slopes of Pokljuka, we learned the basics of classic cross-country skiing technique under the mentorship of Petra Majdič, tried our hand at air rifle shooting, and listened to an inspirational lecture by Petra Majdič that left no one indifferent.

We returned from Pokljuka full of new knowledge and impressions and even more determined to strive for our highest set goals.

Exemplary performance of TRAC d.o.o.

With granted Platinum AAA certificate in 2022 TRAC once again achieves the highest class of credit excellence in accordance with internationally recognized criteria of the business analysis by the company Dun & Bradstreet.

This certificate demonstrates reliability, competitiveness, sustainability, stability, and exemplary performance of the company.

With this credit rating excellence, we assure all our stakeholders that we achieve the highest standards of business ethics, guarantee reliability in terms of solvency and supply, as well as the quality of products and services, which is crucial in uncertain times we all are facing.

Our mission is guided by passion, positivity, and development.

We can do more, and we prove it.

Trac will introduce FMAP on ‘Life science’ conference taking place in Dublin

Trac will attend an international conference 3rd Bioprocessing, Bioanalytics & ATMP Manufacturing Congress taking place in Dublin (Castleknock) on 16th and 17th May, 2022.

Tomaž Rešetič will speak about the advanced solutions for the automation of pharmaceutical production processes on Day 1, track 2 at 15:30-16:00 under the track of “Quality Control, Bioanalytics & Regulatory Landscape”.

Focal point of the presentation will be modular automation platform as a potential solution to solve current and future needs of analytical processes.

Analytical laboratories play an important role in all stages of drug lifecycle, providing the main documented evidence of product CQAs.

With the new complex drugs on the market (ATMPs, new types of vaccines, …), analytical methods are also becoming more demanding.

In our presentation we will address the main challenges of analytical methods in connection to:

Stricter regulatory requirements (higher accuracies)

Data integrity


Method development time

Human errors

Expected flexibility

Repeatability and robustness

Sample preparation time

Flexible production requirements are also reflected in the need for flexible analytical methods and equipment. Process automation and data management play an important role in meeting these requirements with still much room for improvement.

This marketing activity was funded by the investment within the Public Tender “Promoting Partnerships for More Effective Appearance in Foreign Markets 2020 – 2022” which is co-financed by the Republic of Slovenia and the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund.




Trac recipient of the Vidmar award

TRAC has been cooperating for many years with secondary schools and faculties in the field of practical education. It is an important part of the study program, as it connects theoretical knowledge with practice. Only close links and cooperation between educational institutions and the economy can lead to a great innovations which may lead to competitiveness.

Every year, we accept a large number of high school and university students for practical training, who mainly returns to Trac due to good working conditions, professionalism and acquired knowledge.

Our efforts are also recognized by the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the University of Ljubljana, which gives yearly awards so called Vidmar Award for mentorships of practical education in economics.

This time, Trac employee Simon Cigoj received the prestigious Vidmar Award for a mentor of practical training in economics. In the 2020/2021 academic year, three students successfully finished internships with Simon Cigo. Receiving such an important award is a confirmation of the planned path and an incentive for future work with students.

Happy 2022!


We wish you a successful year 2022.


team TRAC

Trac has been listed among the best 3.7% companies according to Dun & Bradstreet

The road to the top is strenuous, when you reach the top, the effort pays off, but you soon realize that you want to stay on top and the challenges become even greater, so great that they require change, growth and constant proving that you can do more.

Trac remained among the best, we have changed, we have grown, and we prove ourselves among the best on the daily basis. This is not based upon opinion, which is often considered only as the lowest form of knowledge, this has been established by our results which ranked Trac among the platinum holders of financial excellence per financial analysis of companies conducted by Dun&Bradstreet.

We are fully aware that people stand behind results with their input, their attitudes, and their passion, therefore we thank all and everyone for the opportunity, trust and given long-lasting partnership. Our goal is to strive in the company of the best.

This year, for the third time among all economic entities, Dun&Bradstreet selected platinum-credit excellence rated companies (companies that, according to the new failure score model, have been achieving the highest grade of golden AAA for at least three years in a row). TRAC d.o.o. is also one of the latter this year. In 2021, only 3.7% of all 217,359 registered companies in Slovenia achieved platinum credit rating.

Note: Dun & Bradstreet, as part of an international project, performs financial analyzes of companies and has a long tradition in awarding certificates of credit excellence in 19 European countries, including Slovenia. The credit rating of excellence represents the above-average credit value of economic entities.