Equipment remediation

Equipment remediation

Compliance of the equipment and production processes according to the regulation is crucial. Therefore the legacy equipment and processes have to be upgraded to fulfil the latest regulatory requirements.

TRAC has substantial experience in remediating equipment and processes. At the moment your equipment is no longer compliant with the actual regulative requirements, TRAC can ensure that your existing equipment reaches the current standards and requirements.

Some examples of remediation stages:

  • implementation of the new Recipe, Reporting, User management, Audit trail system (CFR 21 part 11 compliance)
  • replacement of the existing small OP or command knobs with state-of-the-art SCADA system
  • link to the existing MES system for central production control
  • replacement of the existing PLC with a new one

Equipment remediation is one of the most cost-efficient solutions to comply with the required regulations and adds additional value to the existing equipment.