About us

About Us

Since Trac d.o.o.’s founding in 1992 by Tomaž Rešetič in Slovenia where the pharmaceutical industry is strongly present, Trac has been successful in delivering professionally executed automation and control system integrations to many leading companies in Europe and other parts of the world.

We bring together the necessary expertise to find the best efficient and optimal turn-key solutions for YOU!

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Who we are

Today, Trac is a unique flexible solution provider specialized in complex technological processes in the field of control and automation of production processes in the Pharmaceutical and Biotech, Chemicals and Food & Beverage industries. With the team of enthusiastic, knowledgeable and passionate engineers we are able to develop and create new best technical solutions available on the market.

The organizational structure of Trac is able to provide you with dedicated teams of specialists who are completely focused on customer’s needs. Furthermore, the result oriented teams generate a full spectrum of leading edge control automation solutions in the shortest period of time.

Company Strategy

TRAC is a professional company that consists of enthusiastic engineers who enjoy technical challenges. We do not see ourselves as a typical automation company but a complete solution provider for complex technological processes in very highly demanding industries.

Our strategy is to continuously develop and improve in order to be able to design and develop new automation solutions within different industries.

We strive to be recognized within an industry as a unique, reliable developer and trustable solution finder!


Our moto is:


Company milestones

Since the establishment in 1992, Trac has successfully developed, delivered and qualified different professionally executed automation and control systems to many leading companies in Europe and other parts of the world.