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TRAC and health

CPR Technique

At TRAC, we prioritize health as one of our core values, and we actively strive to uphold this value. Recently, under the leadership of our colleague Denis, we organized a workshop to educate ourselves on basic resuscitation procedures, both theoretically and practically.

Having knowledge of basic CPR procedures is critical in saving lives during critical situations. Despite the misconception that such situations do not occur frequently, statistics show that an average of 5 people experience cardiac arrest in Slovenia every day. Therefore, it is essential for all of us to know how to respond appropriately in such situations to ensure the safety of everyone around us.

With a strong sense of responsibility, we first attentively listened to the theoretical part of the workshop, and then proactively engaged in the practical part. We learned the procedure of resuscitation and the correct use of defibrillator.

At TRAC, we have also taken the initiative to equip ourselves with our own defibrillator, recognizing the importance of its accessibility and prompt use in the successful implementation of basic resuscitation procedures.

We are confident that by acquiring a defibrillator and raising awareness about basic resuscitation procedures, we have made a significant contribution to the well-being of our health in the wider community.